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The TRUST & SAFETY FORUM in a nutshell

Since 2021, the Trust & Safety Forum (T&SF) offers a cohesive space open to all stakeholders, from platforms to regulators, inclusive of trusted flaggers and solutions providers, committed to a trusted and safer digital environment today and for the future.

The T&SF offers a place and time to connect with different stakeholders to discuss and advance collaborative initiatives, develop innovative processes and solutions ensuring that digital environment remains a place to share knowledge, to build communities, to develop opportunities and empower people.

Trust & Safety thrives to become a standard discipline within the broad family of security, but it should not be siloed. Trust & Safety is about identifying and treating harmful and illegal content, but also about inappropriate and biased content (“fake news”), protection of content (IP), cyber threats (phishing and other types of abuse), fraud (payment fraud, ID theft etc.). Most of these dimensions have been dealt with within FIC, the International Cybersecurity Conference, in the last fifteen years. The T&SF is a new and necessary component in its own right, and a contributor to the security community.

Trust & Safety is a global problem which requires global initiatives, but the solutions are equally and essentially rooted in local ecosystems. This is why the T&SF is associated with FIC, a conference which attracts national cybersecurity ecosystems, because Trust & Safety is about synergies across disciplines.

T&SF is cofounded by Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, Caroline Humer and Guillaume Tissier, who together bring more than 6 decades of experience in connecting people and organizations to make our digital word safer and more resilient.


    The Trust & Safety Forum aims to :

  • Bring together the diversity of stakeholders (from platforms to regulators, including trusted flaggers, law enforcement, solution providers and NGOs) that make our digital environment safer
  • Strengthen the efficiency of operational cooperation between these stakeholders, so innovation in policies and technology get noticed and implemented
  • Establish Trust & Safety as a discipline in its own right, as it redefines itself in next 10 years based on a new set of regulations in the EU, UK, USA, Australia, South Korea…


Scope of the regulations in Europe:

  • • 20.000 companies will have to improve their processes under the upcoming EU DSA
  • • 8.000 under the UK Online Safety Bills (24.000 if we include micro-companies)


  • • 100.000 professionals work in Trust & Safety globally

Market size:

  • • $5.3bn is the size of the global content moderation solution market in 2020, with expected growth at a growth at a CAGr of 12.6% between 2022 and 2027


    The private sector companies and NGOs are leading the way in the development of technology tools to fight trafficking, accounting for 40% and 33% of development respectively.

Size of the problem:

  • • The 29 million reports from industry and the public of Child Sexual Abuse Material to NCMEC which include 85 million photos, videos and files in 2021
  • 1 million URLs of images and video files shared through INHOPE for takedown

Sanctions of the DSA (under discussion):

  • • Up to 10% of the global annual turnover.
  • • Up to 1% of the global annual turnover in case of failure to report to authorities

Why now?

The second edition of the T&SF takes place at a unique moment, unprecedented in the last two decades, with a wave of new regulations under preparation, from the adoption of the Digital Services Act (2022) in the EU to the review of the Act in the US and the German Interstate Treaty on Youth Media protection, the German Youth Protection Act (2021), recent French laws on manipulation of information (2018) and against hate (2020), the Online Safety Bill in the UK or the Online Safety Act 2021 in Australia.

Beyond the multiplicity of initiatives, from the new international Laboratory for Child Protection announced by President Macron on 10th November 2022, Christchurch Call Advisory Network, INHOPE and INSAFE, to the WeProtect Global Alliance and OSCE there is a common pattern and thinking : no one can solve the problem on its own. No one has all the answers. So, first thing first, we all need to get the big picture. For the Trust & Safety community itself, but also for those - the many - who are unfamiliar with the richness and the opportunities provided by this new discipline.

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